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We are faced with a high burden of gunshot wounds in our local population leading to skeletal trauma. Orthoballistics assesses the evaluation, treatment options and socioeconomic impact of these injuries.


S Maqungo (Project Coordinator)

S Roche (Shoulder Surgeon)
G McCollum (Foot Surgeon)
A Nicol (Trauma Surgery UCT)
P Navsaria (Trauma Surgery UCT)
M Held
M Keel (University of Bern)


Generalized Osteoporosis and Geriatric Orthopaedics

The emphasis is to improve the orthopaedic care for elderly patients, as one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. As part of this we are assessing the prevention, treatment, and outcome of hip fractures, one of the most costly injuries in our hospitals.


S Maqungo (Project Coordinator)

I Ross (Endocrinology UCT)
Prof Kalla (Rheumatology)
Sipho Dlamini (Infectious Diseases)
Sebastiana Kalula (Geriatric Medicine)
NJ Kauta (Orthopaedics)
M Held


Sports Orthopaedic Service

The goal of this project is to assess the incidence of sports injuries in schools and universities through a surveillance system and to improve the efficiency of care and service for patients with sports injuries in public hospitals.


Dr. Held - Project Coordinator

Prof. Roche (Shoulders)
Dr. Von Bormann (Knees)
Dr. Hobbs (Knees)
Dr. McCollum (Foot and Ankle)
Dr. Posthumus (Excercise Science and Sports Medicine)



modifying orthopaedic outcome in AFRICA

We aim to increase the efficiency of our patient managment and measure the outcome of orthopaedic patients accurately. The main focus is to improve: Waiting lists for our patients, Referral pathways, Data managment in our hospitals, direct patient input in our service, design outcome measures for our patients.


Dr. Held - Project Coordinator

Prof. Dunn (Spine)
Prof. Roche (Shoulders)
Dr. Von Bormann (Knees)
Dr. Maqungo (Trauma)
Dr. Nortje (Hip/Knee arthroplasty UCT)



Musculoskeletal TB Infections

We are assessing new ways to make the diagnosis of musculoskeletal TB infections faster and more accurate.  For this our focus is on automated nucleic acid amplification tests and the radiological assessment in TB patients. 


Prof. Dunn (Project Coordinator)

Dr. Held
Dr. Laubscher (Adolescent Orthopaedic Care)
Dr. Zar (Child Health, Red Cross Hospital)
Dr. Dix-Peek (Pediatric Orthopaedic Unit, UCT)
Dr. Candy (Radiology Groote Schuur Hospital)
Dr. Thienemann (Institute of Infectious Disease)
Prof. Wilkinson (IDM, Wellcome Trust)

HOST study

HIV in Orthopaedic Skeletal Trauma

The rate of HIV infections amongst the orthopaedic patients we treat is one of the highest in the World and influences the care of orthopaedic pathologies.  We would like to give orthopaedic patients the best possible care and are therefore assessing TB/HIV coinfections, HIV in orthopaedic Trauma and HIV in acute and chronic musculoskeletal infections. 


S Maqungo (PI), S Graham (Project Coordinator & PHD), Dr. Laubscher (Collaborator), M Held (Collaborator), Prof Lalloo (Collaborator/Supervisor), Prof Simpson (Collaborator/Supervisor), Prof Harrison (Collaborator/Supervisor), Nando Ferreira (Collaborator)



Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory main function is to create a collaborative space for MMed and MSc students which are paired to work on a project related to orthopaedic surgery. The main focus is to create frugal innovations with local relevance and focusses mostly on design work and 3D printing. 



Prof. Roche (Project Coordinator)
Dr. Sivarasu (Biomechanics UCT)

Dr Hosking


anything goes

Any creative innovation advancing orthopaedics in our hospitals and beyond will be supported once our team feels it is of benefit. Currenlty, we are working on a referral app for orthopaedics.


Dr. McCollum (Project Coordinator)

Dr. Solomons, Dr. Roussot, Dr. Roche
Bertha Institute (Inclusive Health Innovations)
Department of the Western Cape (Health)
IT University of Cape Town
Department of ENT - Groote Schuur Hospital
Department of Ophthalmology - Groote Schuur