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Possibilities for Research Students in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 

Medical Students
Research Project

We identify students and interns interested in our research and offer them a supervised approach to research. Our aim is to spark enthusiasm and advance promising students into self-initiated projects.

Master of Medicine (MMed)
clinical training & dissertation

Our master students are one of our main assets. A rigorous selection process including pre-admission rotations and examinations selects highly motivated students. The MMed program is integrated in an extensive clinical training and teaching program. The MMed thesis is a requirement for the fellowship exam in Orthopaedic Surgery. To apply for the pre-admission rotation please to contact Dr. Jeannie McCaul (

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Master of Science (MSc)
dissertation only

This program allows students who are not part of the MMed Program or are international scholars to participate in our research program. We offer the following degrees:

  • MSc in Global Surgery
  • MSc in Musculoskeletal Science
  • MSc in Sports Injuries
  • MSc in Trauma Science
  • MSc in Infection Management

The minimum time to complete the degree is 1 year. Contact us for more information.

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